About Mountain Waffle Co.

Mountain Waffle Co. began simply, serving sweet and crunchy Liege Belgian waffle at ski resorts around the USA.  We started in Steamboat Springs, CO and quickly expanded to ski resorts in 11 states.  Our customers loved them, but kept asking for them after the winter season was long gone. That’s when we decided it was time to bring them to everyone all year long. We take great pride in making the highest quality Liege Belgian waffles in the greatest variety of flavors, sizes and packaging types. From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy our famous, authentic Liege Belgian waffles just as much as we enjoy making them!



We were determined to maintain the quality and variety we had become known for.  Unlike other types of waffles which claim to be Liege Belgian waffles but are not truly authentic, we do not raise a cheap batter mix made with artificial ingredients, substitute palm oil and water for butter, margarine and milk, and skimp on the Belgian pearl sugar by just sprinkling some pearl sugar bits on top at the end of the baking process so that they adhere while the waffles are still warm.  Instead, ours are made the one and only truly authentic, high quality Liege Belgian waffle way. That means we start with naturally dense dough made from non-GMO flour, rBST free milk and butter, and whole Belgian pearl sugars that get fully baked into the dough.  We also add no artificial colors, flavors, additives, preservatives, or ingredients of any kind.  Nothing gets in the way of the great, natural taste you expect from Mountain Waffle Co.

We also faithfully adhere to the highest quality production standards in BRC Global Standard,

and Halal certified facilities.  We have Kosher options, as well!

Highest Quality

traditional recipe

all natural ingredients

non-gmo flour

rbst-free milk and butter

belgian pearl sugar



Greatest Variety

No one makes Liege Belgian waffles in more flavors, sizes and packaging types than Mountain Waffle Co. So we are the one-stop when it comes to satisfying your complete Belgian waffle needs.  

Flavors include Butter, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate-Covered, and others coming soon including Maple, Whole Wheat and more.  Sizes range from 45g up to 125g. 


And Packaging Types Include:


 Frozen Dough, balls great enough for professional chefs and bakers to call their own but with greater consistency, quality control, portion control and less waste; 

Pre-Baked Bulk Pack waffles so all food service places can make perfect, fool-proof waffles every time without the labor, equipment, time, waste and hassles involved in making them from dough or batter (so they can taste better, can be served faster and are more profitable too!). These are also ideal for prepared foods and bakery departments;

Individually Wrapped Single Serving grab'n go waffles so waffles can be eaten on the run and with other grab 'n go foods and drinks (perfect with take-out coffee!);

 Freezer Packs so people can enjoy our great tasting Belgian waffles at home too;


Private Label so even more different recipes, flavors, sizes and packaging types can be added

to the mix.  Whether you’d like us to simply put your logo on our existing packages or if you’d like us to make a new recipe, flavor, size and/or type of packaging in large quantities, we’d love to hear from you!