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Mountain Waffle Co. Bulk Pack Liege Belgian Waffles

Our authentic Liege Belgian Waffle Bulk Pack waffles are tailor made for retail bakery departments (both in display cases and  in containers), prepared foods, meal kits, and all kindsof food service. Perfect, pre-baked, fool proof waffles- quick to warm and serve- every time, and without the labor, equipment, waste, time and hassles involved in making Belgian waffles from dough or batter. For folks who like toppings, our dough-based waffles also support all kinds of toppings better than batter-based waffles which tend to absorb and get soggy underneath them. Made from Liege Belgian waffle dough with all-natural ingredients (no artificial flavors, colors, additives, preservatives or ingredients of any kind), non-GMO flour, rBST free milk and butter, whole Belgian pearl sugars, pure maple syrup (Maple flavor)and Belgian dark chocolate (Chocolate Chip). Available in multiple flavors and sizes so you and your customers can enjoy not only the highest quality but also the greatest variety of authentic Liege Belgian wafflesin the industry. Our waffles not only taste better, they’re much more profitable to sell and serve the Mountain Waffle Bulk Pack way too!


• Available Pre-Baked in both Medium (60g/2.12oz) and Large (90g/3.175oz) sizes and in Butter,
Belgian Dark Chocolate Chip and Pure Maple Syrup & Butter flavors
Additional varieties (Cinnamon and Chocolate Brownie waffles) coming soon!
• Allows perfect portion and quality control with less waste
• 30 Medium and 24 Large to a shoebox size case respectively, allowing customers to quickly
go through a case soon after opening it. 165 cases per pallet (15X11)
• 18-month shelf life kept frozen from date of production
• 8-10 day shelf life at ambient temperature left out on their own (e.g., bakery display case)
• 2-3 week shelf life when defrosted to ambient temperature inside a sealed plastic container
(e.g., bakery department or food service storage item)


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Bulk Waffles
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Bulk Waffle Sell Sheet
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