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Mountain Waffle Co. Liege Chocolate Covered Waffle

Our waffles are made in the old tradition, using only the finest ingredients like Belgian pearl sugar, non-GMO flour, rBST free milk and butter, Belgian dark chocolate, and with NO artificial ingredients, preservatives, additives, colors or flavors.  We bake our waffles according to the highest quality production standards in BRC and Halal certified facilities

(we have Kosher options, too).

Lg. Cocoa Waffle

Large Chocolate Covered Waffle:

3.53 oz/100g

Our Large (90g/3.175 oz) sized Liege Belgian Chocolate Covered Waffles are available in Individually Wrapped (IW) packaging. This makes them ideal for places like grab ‘n go retail environments and take-out coffee shops.


They contain whole Belgian pearl sugars, dark Belgian chocolate and are baked in BRC and Halal (Kosher optional) certified facilities. So, you’re always assured of receiving the highest quality waffles.


They also come in 24-piece shoe box size cases. . This allows customers to quickly sell through a case soon after opening it.

Shelf lives are 18 months kept frozen from the date of production and 7-10 weeks at ambient temperature.  

Chocolate covered Waffle package

Individually Wrapped, Single-Serving

Pre-Baked Liege Chocolate Covered Waffle

Chocolate Covered Waffle  Ingredients & Nutritional info
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