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Mountain Waffle Co. Liege Belgian Waffle Freezer Packs

Mountain Waffle Co. Frozen Boxes
Frozen Liege Belgian Waffles

Mountain Waffle Co.’s authentic Liege Belgian waffles are available in 4-waffle Freezer Packs for your grocery or specialty food store freezer! Now customers can take Mountain Waffle Co.’s authentic Liege Belgian waffles to enjoy at home anytime! Made from Liege Belgian waffle dough with all-natural ingredients (no artificial flavors, colors, additives, preservatives or ingredients of any kind), non-GMO flour, rBST free milk and butter, whole Belgian pearl sugars, pure maple syrup (Maple & Butter) and Belgian dark chocolate (Chocolate Chip). For folks who like toppings, our dough-based waffles also support all kinds of toppings better than batter-based waffles which tend to absorb and get soggy underneath them. They’re so uniquely dense, flavorful, filling and tasty that there’s no going back to lesser Belgian waffles after tasting these. And with 4 waffles per pack and so many delicious flavors to try, expect your customers to keep coming back for Mountain Waffle Co.’s  Freezer Packs!  

• Available in Butter, Belgian Dark Chocolate Chip and Pure Maple Syrup & Butter flavors
Additional varieties (Cinnamon and Chocolate Brownie waffles) coming soon!
• Four Medium (60g/2.12oz) Waffles per pack; Pack weight 240g/8.50oz
• 12 Freezer packs per case with 108 cases per pallet (12x9)
• 18-month shelf life from date of production kept frozen
• Private label available - other sizes, flavors or recipes in large quantities

Mountain Waffle Co.  Frozen Sell Sheet
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