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Our Brokers

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Sunbelt Foods Company:



Advantage Sales and Marketing: Bob Gradwohl at (602) 705-1035 or (480) 214-2844 and



Maher Marketing:



Advantage Sales & Marketing: John Prinzi at (720) 214-1651 and

Cheese Importers: Sascha Stanger at 303-587-8980 and


Advantage Sales & Marketing: Bruce Flanigan at (949) 356-2104 and (714) 780-3249 and

BayWest Marketing: John Loshuertos at (415) 939-6675  and

Savory Food Group: Lita Robinson at 949-444-9481 and and Meredith Feldman at

New England Food Service:

Next Gen Food Service: Michael Piscione at (508) 615-0070 and


New England Retail:

Baker Sales & Marketing: David Baker at (617) 699-4705 and



Hampton Menu Solutions: Keith Nagler at (609) 374-6665 and



(Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan)

Master Food Brokers:

Advantage Sales & Marketing: Jenna Templin at (513) 257-8600 and


Lakeland Minneapolis: Troy Rognrud at and Dave Rasmussen at 612-781-5959 and

St. Louis:

Brennan & Nagel Marketing and Sales (contact Jerry Brennan at 636-946-1400 and


New York City:
Bread For Success: Arnie Zabinsky at (646) 996-6200 and

Eastern USA:

Atlantic Sales and Marketing Group: Rick Schleigh at 609-513-4941 and


Pacific Northwest:

Renee Wolf: (503) 244-6537 and (971) 678-8360 and



KMT Richmond Marketing: John-Paul Ophelders at (416) 574-7915 and

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