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Thanksgiving WaffleWich

Thanksgiving sandwich.jpg

Thanksgiving Wafflewich


The days after the big, family Thanksgiving dinner is always our favorite, with lots of leftovers.  Here’s a way to enjoy them all!  Between two hot Mountain Waffle Co. Liege Butter Waffles, just load it up with your favorites – start with a layer of green (Romaine and Galia frisée work well); add slices of turkey; load up some stuffing, sweet potatos, and top that with cranberry sauce.  Topped with a waffle, it is outstanding!  Gravy is  optional, but it does taste delicious with our waffles, too!


Butter Liege Mountain Waffles

Leftover Turkey


Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Cranberry Sauce

Green Lettuce of your choice

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