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Our Waffles
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Mountain Waffle Co.'s waffles are made with non-GMO flour, rBST-free milk and butter, and

Belgian pearl sugar. We left out artificial ingredients, preservatives, additives, colors and flavors,

so they are all-natural too.  That means that nothing but the crunchy, sweet taste of our waffles comes through with each delicious bite.

Our varieties include Butter Waffles, Chocolate Chip Waffles and Chocolate Covered Waffles.

Maple Waffles and Whole Wheat Waffles are coming soon!


We offer individually wrapped, single-serve waffles for Butter, Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Covered in a Large 90g/3.175oz size and the Butter and Chocolate Chip in a Medium 60g/2.12oz size, as well.  Perfect for grab-and-go convenience or with take-out coffee!


For customers who want to enjoy our waffles at home, we offer a Freezer Pack with 4 pre-baked waffles in either Medium Butter or Chocolate Chip.  These are perfect for freezer cases in specialty food stores, markets and gift shops.


We offer a Pre-Baked Bulk Pack in both the Large 90g/3.175oz and Medium 60g/2.12oz size for either Butter or Chocolate Chip for bakery departments and many foodservice operations.  Cafes, ice cream parlors, restaurants, caterers, universities, resorts, universities and other food outlets all find our waffles on their menus!  Serve your customers and guests delicious, fool-proof waffles without the labor, equipment, waste, time and hassle involved in making waffles from scratch.  Imagine offering waffles that are easier, tastier and more profitable to serve!


Professional chefs and bakers looking for waffles good enough to call their own, we offer Frozen Dough Balls.  Available in either Butter and Chocolate Chip in an extra-large 125g/4.14oz size that yields an approximately 110g/3.88oz waffle when fully cooked, they give you greater consistency, quality control, portion control AND less waste!


Interested in Private Label?  We make our waffles in sizes as small as 45g/1.59oz and as large as 4.41 oz/125g, and anywhere in between.  We can tailor a recipe, flavor and packaging to meet your specific needs.  Just give us a call!

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